Are you a trader interested in selling stocks at short notice?

If you need to sell quickly, feel free to offer us any type of sugar at short notice. We are also interested in salvaged sugar stocks and can refine these. We can trade your existing stocks to customers in Asia, Africa and Europe.

The benefits of working with us:

Achieve fair prices – find out more...

We will give you a fair price for your sugar. We are a financially sound and reliable customer. We transparently incorporate price movements on the London and New York trading floors, as well as yield expectations and demand fluctuations, into our pricing. We engage in currency hedging (ForEx). As a family-owned business, we take responsibility for our own actions and are not obliged to justify ourselves to shareholders. We have experience with letters of credit and a good credit rating, having long-standing relationships with our banks.

Robust and rapid logistics – find out more...

We can move your stocks around the world. As an experienced trader, we have access to an international logistics network. Whether transported by ship, truck or silo, your stocks will reach their destination swiftly and reliably. Our own “Fernlast” division’s fleet of trucks for transporting liquid sugar enables us to deliver within Europe independently of logistics providers. We can organise warehouse capacity at short notice.

Reliable – find out more...

We are a reputable and long-established trading company. This means that you can securely place your trust in us. As a member of the Refined Sugar Association, we adhere to standard and ethical rules of trading. Our membership of this international sugar industry organisation guarantees reliability and trustworthiness.

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