Become one of our regular suppliers

We are seeking small to medium-sized producers with an interest in a long-term trade partnership. We value transparency and close cooperation based on mutual respect. By working as your partner, we will give you access to new markets.

We are seeking agile and growth-oriented sugar producers

Sugar varieties

We are interested in white and brown cane sugar in various colour grades (ICUMSA), polarisations and taste profiles in line with EU standards. Also of interest are food-grade raw cane sugar and organic-quality sugar.

Region of origin

You produce your sugar in Central America, South America, Asia, Africa or Europe.


We value sustainable growth with regard to both production and trading. We adhere to global and European production, social and environmental standards. We apply a transparent pricing policy and offer flexible financing models.

We offer you a number of benefits

Let us give you access to new markets – more...

By selling your products under the BOETTGER|SUGAR brand as one of our suppliers you gain access to a wider market within Europe. Your chances of qualifying as a supplier and establishing your products in the European market are also good if you offer smaller production quantities and less common sugar varieties. Why not grow with us?

Benefit from our global network – more...

Not only do we have a network spread all around the world but also long-standing relationships with our customers and business partners. With our experience and expertise, we will act as a reliable partner for you as our supplier and producer – just as we do for our customers.

Secure and long-term growth together – more...

We are a continuously growing company that combines tradition with innovation. A major benefit of partnering with us is our independence as a family-owned firm. When expanding into Europe, however, a strong brand needs strong partners. Come and join us in a partnership of equals.

Our relationships are based on mutual respect – more...

As an SME ourselves, we rely on long-term business relationships with selected companies and suppliers, relationships that have proven their effectiveness through their quality, durability and continuity. This creates confidence for our customers, who can rely on consistently high quality. As one of our suppliers, you can benefit from the security of a steady flow of sales.

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Your point of contact:

Your personal advisor is Gabriela Loether
Telephone:  +49 (0)30 889139-38