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Beet sugar: Quality from Europe – more...

There are many situations in which the high quality of European beet sugar is advantageous. Beet sugar is produced in the temperate climate of Europe. Cultivation is effective and harvesting reliable. With beet sugar, you can rely on a dependable supply. The product can be traced back to sugar beet, its raw material. Thanks to its purity level, beet sugar is even used in pharmaceutical applications.

Cane sugar: the global standard – more...

A full 70% of worldwide sugar production consists of cane sugar. Sugar cane is cultivated all around the world. As a result, it is harvested throughout the year. We deal in a wide range of cane sugar varieties, from white sugar to raw brown sugar and covering a broad range of taste profiles and sweetness levels. The application areas for cane sugar are highly diverse. We would be happy to discuss the most suitable variety for your needs and supply you with the appropriate cane sugar over the short and longer term.

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for the Africa and Americas region is Gabriela Loether
Telephone:  +49 (0)30 889139-38

for the Middle East and Asia region is Carsten Hoffmann
Telephone:  +49 (0)30 889139-37


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We have a robust partner and logistics network – more...

•    We can supply FOB, CFR or CIF.
•    We provide secure support for logistical processes.
•    We can cater for a wide variety of country-specific requirements, and will find out what is needed when dealing with any new situations.
•    We handle every aspect of project-based business activities.

Benefit from our expertise as a global trader – more...

We hedge our sugar contracts on the London and New York stock exchanges. We trade in US dollars and Euros. As an AEO-certified company we take special care to ensure that we fulfil applicable guidelines. We have in-depth knowledge of import and export customs regulations and are fully up to date on current preferential trade rules and issues related to embargos and trading law.

Turn market volatility to your advantage – more...

World sugar prices are volatile. It is import to identify and take advantage of the right times to buy, as failing to act may prove expensive. We can guide you reliably through these price fluctuations, make the market more transparent, and work with you on developing customised risk strategies to help you make the optimum use of your opportunities.