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Don’t settle for anything less than the best. The BOETTGER|ZUCKER brand stands for many years of tradition and the top quality of our sugar specialities, ranging from white sugar to raw cane sugar. A wide variety of applications are catered for. With BOETTGER|ZUCKER, you can add value to your food and drink products and give them a distinctive edge. We are the exclusive distributors for BOETTGER|ZUCKER within Europe.

White cane sugar is a genuine alternative to beet sugar – more...

Within Europe, beet sugar is the most familiar variety. However, there are many applications for which it makes more financial sense to choose cane sugar. White cane sugar is chemically identical to beet sugar. We would be happy to advise you!

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Your personal advisor is Hans Hurry
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Your personal advisor for East-Europe is Kacper Kwiatkowski
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As an AEO-certified company, we take special care to ensure we fulfil applicable guidelines. ZVG (Zucker-Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH) is our sister company and our distribution partner within Germany. With our Fernlast division, we have our own delivery service within the Group. We can therefore guarantee short shipping times and reliable deliveries for our customers In addition, we offer a number of other benefits.

As an AEO, we have in-depth knowledge of import and export customs regulations and of bonded warehouses.We have many years of experience in procedures of special economic significance (“active refinement”)When it comes to sugar, we are the perfect partner, being able to handle every aspect in-house, from sourcing through to delivery

We are fully up to date with the special features involved in bilateral trading with non-EU states (such as preferential trade arrangements)

Turn market volatility to your advantage – more...

In 2017, the quota system is due to be abolished within Europe. This will bring volatility to the European market. Sugar prices are likely to rise and fall more frequently and over shorter periods. It is import to identify and take advantage of the right times to buy, as failing to act may prove expensive. We can guide you reliably through these price fluctuations, make the market more transparent, and work with you on developing customised risk strategies to help you make the optimum use of your opportunities.